1. How do I register to bid?
    1. Go to the auction catalog that you want to bid on and click Register to Bid on the top left hand corner of the screen in the black border. Read the Terms & Conditions, then continue with the registration process. An email will be sent to you with your bidder number.
  2. Is my bid number good for all online auctions?
    1. Yes. Your bid number will allow you to bid in all open auctions.
  3. What happens if I forget my bidder number or password?
    1. Go to the auction catalog that you want to bid on and click Forgot Bidder Number? or Forgot Password? in the black border on the top left corner of the screen.
  4. How do I change my credit card on file?
    1. Go to the auction catalog that you want to bid on and click Update Bidder Profile on the top left hand corner of the screen in the black border.
  5. Why are there 2 bid options and which should I use? Your Bid or Your Maximum?
    1. The 2 bid options are there to give you the most versatility in bidding on items in the auction. Your Bid raises the current bid price to whatever bid you submit. It must be equal to or greater than the Next Required Bid. It is a great tool for jumping bids. The Your Maximum space is to put in an absentee bid so that the program will bid for you. You just tell it what price to stop bidding. The program will use the published auction increments to bid on your behalf against other bidders up to your max. You do not need to place bids in both spaces.
  6. Do I have to pay the full price of the Max bid?
    1. You will only have to pay the full price of your max bid if there are other bidders that are bidding against you and push you to your max. However, you may get the item for much less than your max. (Example: You leave a max of $500. The item closes at $230. You only pay $230!)
  7. Why did the current bid jump up more than the next required bid when I placed a Max Bid?
    1. If the price jumps higher than the next required bid, this means that someone left a max bid on that item before you. The program took them to their max then placed your bid one increment higher.
  8. Can I raise my max bid?
    1. Yes. You can raise your max bid by entering a bid in the Your Maximum space only. When you submit the bid, you will receive a warning on a pop-up window stating that, “You are already the highest bidder on the item.” Just close the window and finish submitting the bid as normal. Your new max will be entered.
  9. Can I remove a bid that I placed on an item?
    1. No. You cannot remove a bid once it has been placed on an item. If there was a serious mistake made (such as accidentally bidding $2000 on an item instead of $20.00) please contact our office immediately.
  10. How can I see only the items that I have bid on?
    1. On the bottom of the auction catalog, enter your bidder number and password. Then, select the Review Bids Button. You will see all the items you have bid on and the amounts that you have bid.
  11. Do all the items in the auction close at the same time?
    1. No. Items in the auction close at intervals of 3 items/minute. (Ex. Items 1-3 close at 7:00pm. Items 4-6 close at 7:01pm, Items 7-9 close at 7:02pm, etc. – exceptions include items that are in extended bidding.)
  12. What is extended bidding?
    1. All items must have a period of 5 minutes of inactivity in order to close at the scheduled time. If not, they will be given extra time, equaling 5 minutes before closing. (Ex. If a bid is placed at 6:58 for an item closing at 7:00, 3 extra minutes will be added to the time of closing. If another bid is placed during extended bidding, another 5 minutes will be added.) This prevents anyone from “sniping” a bid and stealing and item. – The auction is not over until the bidding stops, not because it “ran out of time.”
  13. Is there a way to see only items that are still open for bidding?
    1. Yes. During the closing of an auction (once the first group has closed) there will be a link at the top of the page that says Open Items. Click this link to “discard” all sold items and only show the ones that have yet to close or are in extended bidding.
  14. What does the Refresh button do?
    1. The Refresh button will refresh the page to show you the most recent data. You must refresh to stay up to speed on changes in the bids. During the closing of the auction, it is recommended to refresh the screen about every 60 seconds or so.
  15. Do I receive email notifications when I have been outbid?
    1. Yes and No. You will receive email notification letting you know that you have been outbid on an item up until the closing of the auction. Once the auction begins closing, you will not receive an email. Keep an eye on your items by watching the main catalog page or clicking on the Review Bids button. Remember to refresh your page regularly.
  16. What if I can’t pick up the items I want to bid on during the specified pick-up times?
    1. If you see that it is impossible for you to pick up during the specified pick-up times, please call the office prior to bidding to see if there may be an alternative time or another solution. If there is not an alternative solution and you cannot make other arrangements (moving company, have a friend or family pick up, etc.), please do not bid.
  17. Can I see and inspect the items in an auction prior to bidding on them?
    1. Yes. We have scheduled preview days and times listed on the website for each auction. Come take a look!
  18. Why is it so important that I pick up my purchased auction items during the scheduled pick-up times?

    There are several very important reasons why you should pick up your items during the scheduled pick-up times following an auction.  Below is a list of some of the reasons:

    1. We do not have space to store items after the last pick-up day. All items that are purchased are on display in our only gallery space. Items not picked up are in the way for all the new items coming in!
    2. During our scheduled pick-up days, we have help available to assist in loading your vehicle. After the last pick-up day, all of our employees are busy getting ready for the next auction!
    3. Our auction schedule operates on a “week in” and “week out” rotation. This means that in the first week there is an auction day followed by consecutive pick-up days to clear out the gallery. The following week is the week that all of the new furniture comes in and is cataloged for the coming auction. Any furniture not removed from the previous week is in the way!
    4. R. H. Lee & Co. Auctioneers, Inc. is not responsible for items left after the last pick-up day! New furniture begins coming in immediately after the last pick-up day. Items not picked up are in the way and may get damaged by the flood of new inventory! Previously purchased items will have to be moved multiple times and stacked on each other to make space for new items!
    5. Items left past pick-up days means a lot more work for us! I.E. Moving sold items around each day, losing gallery space, having to work around them, etc.

    Please be considerate and pick up your purchases as soon as possible during the scheduled pick-up times that are listed for each auction!  Thank you!

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