New: Countdown Timer!!!

Starting with the August Online Auction,  there will be no more manual “refresh” button that you have to click on the online auctions.  Instead, the old “refresh” button has been replaced with a countdown timer showing exactly how much time is left to bid (hours:minutes:seconds).  The data on the page will always be current without having to do anything extra!

Extended bidding will still be enabled on each item as in the past. If anyone bids on an item within 5 minutes of it closing, more time will be added to the clock after it has completely come to 00:00:00 (think about the end of a soccer game – for all you sports fans!) The amount of time added will be determined by what time the last bid came in.  (Ex. last bid came in a 00:03:00. After the countdown, 2 more minutes will be added).  If a bid is placed any time while the item is in extension, the clock will reset to 5 minutes remaining each time a new bid comes in.

We hope you enjoy and benefit from this new feature!

Check it out in action by clicking here!

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