Why is it important that I pick up purchased items during scheduled pick-up times?

Q: Why is it so important that I pick up my purchased auction items during the scheduled pick-up times?


A: We offer multiple pick-up days following each auction with specific times and dates listed for each. There are several very important reasons why you should pick up your items during the scheduled pick-up times following an auction.  Below is a list of some of the reasons.

  1. We do not have space to store items after the last pick-up day. All items that are purchased are on display in our only gallery space. Items not picked up are in the way for all the new items coming in!
  2. During our scheduled pick-up days, we have help available to assist in loading your vehicle. After the last pick-up day, all of our employees are busy getting ready for the next auction!
  3. Our auction schedule operates on a “week in” and “week out” rotation. This means that in the first week there is an auction day followed by consecutive pick-up days to clear out the gallery. The following week is the week that all the new furniture comes in and is cataloged for the coming auction. Any furniture not removed from the previous week is in the way!
  4. R.H. Lee & Co. Auctioneers, Inc. is not responsible for items left after the last pick-up day! New furniture begins coming in immediately after the last pick-up day. Items not picked up are in the way and may get damaged by the flood of new inventory! Previously purchased items will have to be moved multiple times and stacked on each other to make space for new items!
  5. Items left behind means a lot more work for us! I.e. Moving sold items around each day, losing gallery space, having to work around them, etc.

Please be considerate and pick up your purchases as soon as possible during the scheduled pick-up times that are listed for each auction!  Thank you!

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